Corbel Ha Bigot Accra Agee Islam Aegis; Part 1

A few months ago I watched Citizen 4 and was shocked and appalled by how much access the CIA has to all of our data. Data equals power and it got me thinking about how I communicate. There have also been a lot of burglaries in our neighborhood and a neighbor's laptop was stolen.  This got me thinking about how I was, at that time, storing passwords for all of my accounts under a document titled "password" and how this might not be the most secure way of protecting myself.  I read an article titled Passphrases That You Can Memorize -- But That Even the NSA Can't Guess by Micah Lee of The Intercept_. I got to work figuring out how to protect my data and generate a password.  As dice are 6 sided I realized that I could translate this kind of data easily into weaving on a floor loom as strings are lifted in sets of 4, 6, 8 or more. I only have a loom that has 4 harnesses so I made a tetrahedron out of paper, assigned each of the four planes a number between 1 and 4 and generated a passphrase from that.  It is likely more easily decrypted but gets the point across.